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19-Nov-2016 12:09

They’re of the Delta and Lake Shasta, and being on the boat with my family.

They’re of skiing on my dad’s shoulders before finally getting up on my own.

Getting pulled behind a boat on skis — or any other apparatus — has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.

Having grown up near the coast of California, just outside San Francisco, people often ­expect surfing to be how I identify myself.

They’re of getting towed on a banana tube into the oncoming rollers of giant cabin cruisers.

They’re of my dad taking laps around the endlessly glassy sloughs, turn after turn after turn.

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For this purpose, we set up a functional magnet resonance imaging experiment using verbal descriptions of spatial relations either with respect to the listener (egocentric) or without any body-centered relations (allocentric) to induce the two different spatial coding strategies.… continue reading »

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