Error updating the users

28-Jun-2016 10:09

Hi I have an entity created through the ui called @accounts.I'm assuming there is no difference between a developer entity and user entity (I couldn't find any in the documentation).

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The user who is performing the above operation is not having sys admin or modify all permission.I'm never calling Api Ai Ruby:: or @uer.create which it looks like the spec is doing.I don't believe I need to call new/create as the entity already exists. @session ) uer = client.user_entities_request entries_credit_products = [ Api Ai Ruby::'0', %w(Home Equity Loan)), Api Ai Ruby::'1', %w(Starwood Visa)) ] entity_my_credit_products= Api Ai Ruby::'my_credit_products', entries_credit_products) uer.update('my_credit_products', entity_my_credit_products) Api Ai Ruby:: Request Error: Error updating entity my_credit_products.I've gone through the conditions but everything seems accurate.

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The file I'm trying to update is in excel format, about 505kb.

AI endpoint, not about https://ai/docs/entities It is not allow you to create new entities, it allow you to temporary extend and redefine existing.