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12-Nov-2016 10:28

that this rebound actually meant more to me than i thought. during the duration of us dating we continued to clarify that it wasn't going anywhere. i would cry because i started to really care for this guy. he doesnt think he's actually ready for a relationship. the time came where we thought it was time for us to call it quits because he said that i needed to be single. he knows that i'd be a great girlfriend based on how things were between us. if he really thought it was the best for us, then why didn't HE just break it off? And for yourself, this relationship is keeping you from meeting available men who will care about you and legitimize you.

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i rather be dating him than not being with him at all. it wasn't that i put the blame on him; questioning why he didnt want a relationship, but more like.. A man would not keep you in his life and treat you this way if he didn't have any interest at all.

Second, you both have maintained a long term "comfort stage," where you have an unspoken relationship without a declaration of commitment.