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04-Dec-2016 18:04

The minister made the remark during a heated cabinet argument over plans to build a non-Orthodox prayer space in front of the Western Wall, the ancient Jewish prayer site in Jerusalem.

The current prayer space is segregated between men and women in keeping with the traditions of Orthodox Judaism.

“The assimilation there is of enormous extent.” A spokeswoman for Mr Levin did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesman for Mrs Clinton, who is locked in a neck-and-neck election battle in Iowa, also did not respond.

This year has been an eventful one for the Clintons.

September was filled with excitement for Chelsea Clinton who celebrated her daughter Charlotte’s first birthday and published her first book.

But in an effort to appease more liberal US Jews, the Israeli government has agreed to build a non-Orthodox space where men and women can pray together.

Furthermore, it’s unclear where Baio “discovered” that Marc Mezvinsky was the nephew of George Soros, as this claim is demonstrably untrue.Chelsea Clinton, 35, married Mr Mezvinsky at a mansion house in upstate New York in the summer of 2010.A no-fly zone was declared above the wedding site as Bill Clinton walked his only child down the aisle while Mrs Clinton and 400 guests looked on.actor Scott Baio took to Facebook to share some new “discoveries” he had unearthed about the Clinton family.

Chief among them was the claim that Chelsea Clinton had married the nephew of billionaire and philanthropist George Soros: Baio didn’t provide any evidence that Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s husband, was related in any way to Soros.Marc’s father, Ed Mezvinsky, has one brother, Norton (who is not also George Soros’ brother).