Symantec endpoint protection client not updating

18-Jul-2016 04:29

For information on how to obtain the latest build of Symantec Endpoint Protection, see Download the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection.

By default, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager downloads content updates from the public Symantec Live Update servers.

If you are not able upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to version 14, you must assign these clients a Live Update policy that allows them to get content instead through Live Update.

You can either allow these clients to contact the public Symantec Live Update servers, or set up an internal Live Update server with Live Update Administrator.

Download files to update definitions for Endpoint Protection Manager Additionally, if you use replication, you can replicate content and policies between the local site and the partner site. By default, Windows client computers get content updates from the management server.

Other delivery methods include Group Update Providers, internal Live Update servers, or third-party tool distribution.

Use certified virus definitions, Network-Based Protection, or Behavior-Based Protection files to update content on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager when it cannot access either the Internet or a Live Update Administrator (LUA) server.

Use Rapid Release files in outbreak scenarios to combat new threats.

The methods for configuring an environment's update architecture include: The default behavior and best practice in most cases is to configure sites to download updates from the Symantec Live Update server.You may need to change the delivery method to support different client platforms, large numbers of clients, or network limitations.

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