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19-Nov-2016 07:47

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There’s also a ton of potential for emotional cheating out there on the social and chat side: Consider Meerkat’s new live group video chat Houseparty, which seems like it’s just asking for trouble, Facebook’s upcoming integration of Oculus Rift to allow “virtual lounges,” or Snapchat’s fleeting-by-design interface that practically begs the user to take a risqué photo or video. That's the question the Terre des Hommes International Federation has been asking, and the answer comes in the form of a computer-generated little girl named "Sweetie"."Some of the men we interacted with literally give me nightmares," the anonymous operator said.On a recent Wednesday night, not wanting to get around to anything on my to-do list, I stare at my laptop, ignoring a lonely Word document with a halfhearted shopping list on it and decide to Google “college girls gone wild.” A million tabs featuring gaggles of naked women take over my screen. She’s a model on Megacams, one of the hundreds of cam-girl sites popular online, which, bizarrely enough, just began using facial-recognition software to allow the truly invested to seek out porn doppelgängers from their 180,000 different participants.The digital get down is trying really hard to be as close to the real deal as possible — adult entertainment companies are now encouraging their viewers to strap on, plug in and participate.And cam girls say that the incorporation of virtual reality headsets and "Since Cam Soda began broadcasting its live shows in virtual reality, I've noticed I receive a much more positive response from users," Cam Soda model Lexy Bandera said in an email.

Alice X will have support for the Oculus Rift in the future, with compatible smartphones needing to run Android 5.0, or higher.

It's quite a change for most users, who have become used to normal webcam shows."It's unsurprising viewers feel a more intimate connection — when you slip on the VR headset, you're essentially eliminating the screen as a barrier, bringing a model into your surroundings in real-time.

With teledildonics, you're also eliminating the need for your right hand.

"The feedback we have been receiving about them has been overwhelmingly positive, and fans haven't shied from voicing their approval."Another female talent, Charley Hart, who is also participating in Cam Soda's virtual reality content, echoes Bandera's sentiment that users behave differently in VR than in non-VR content, saying in an email that fans "seem to be more excited (literally).""We're able to connect with them on a more intimate level," Hart said.

"They seem much more upbeat and in awe of the capabilities of virtual reality.The organization said that a group of its researcher posed as Sweetie during the sting operation, visiting "dozens" of chat rooms.

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